Happy Customers

I received my bobblehead and while it was very nice, I had the impression the fireman included a firemans hat as pictured in the choice…please respond…thank you!

—-Deborah L Nowe

Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  We approve!!!!  Thanks so very much for being willing to make the changes.  We are very pleased!!!!  Thank you!APPROVAL!!!

—-Debbie Lunsford

Paul… you nailed it!   Thank you.


We received the bobblehead in the mail today and it looks GREAT!  My husband LOVES it.Thanks so much!


Wow, this looks great!  I approve.

—-Quinn Davidson

This looks great!  Can’t wait to see the finished product.  Thank you!


I love the doll,  you did a great job. Have a wonderful weekend.Thanks


The Bobblehead arrived today and it looks great!!!!  I wanted to say thank you to everyone for making it happen!!


Got my doll today. Just wanted to say thank you. Came out absolutely fantastic. You guys are great. 🙂


Paul,  This is FABULOUS!  You did an EXCELLENT job!  Love, Love, Love It! Thank you so much!!!

—-Janice Harrison

Wow!  Everytime I am more impressed…. Looks great!

—-Celia Cox

Thank you for making the requested revisions; the proof is beautiful! It is exactly as I envisioned & am very happy with the result. The proof is approved & I greatly appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into making it. Thanks again!


I love it! Thank you!


This final paint looks so much better!Thank you for putting in the additional steps to complete the project!Thank you

—-jeannie lugtu

It’s terrific, thank you. APPROVED!


Approved. I showed picture to his 4 yr old son and asked, ‘Who is this?’ He said, ‘Hey, that’s my dad!’

—-Casey Quiroz

You’ve done a fantastic job on this !!!!!  I absolutely LOVE it.  Cannot wait to present it to him!   Thank you so much for making all the changes for me!!!!!!!!!

—-Wendy Fudge

The Bobble’s profile was spot on but the face was slightly off. Still, a good job.


The doll was perfect. A big hit. I needed it in a rush and it was completed and arrived before my deadline. The customer service was fantastic. Will use again.

—-UConn G

Perfect likeness! I am so impressed. Super fast delivery. Every part of the process exceeded my expectations! Well done.


I was looking for a gift to give to my ex-husband- we continue to be friends. Married 23 years, divorced 34 years. Everything was great. I think it would help for you to know the age of the person. I also was looking for these types and found nothing: farmer, journalist, columnist, motorcyclist, artist, author, painter, lecturer, blogger, sculpturist, athlete (running), professional photographer, world traveler. I had to settle for “writer”.

—- Pat T

I purchased 3 bobble heads as groomsman gifts. The proofing process was great and the overall time to complete the order was great. I highly recommend using this site.


This company made all necessary changes to the proofs as suggested. Even nearing the completed project, they didn’t hesitate to make small changes. I will definitely use this company when I am ready to complete another bobble head project! Thank you.


I can’t get over the uncanny similarity between the bobble head and my husband! You all did an incredible, incredible job! He loves it, everyone who’s seen it loves it! It was a surprise for his birthday and we were all anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. Nobody can believe how amazing it turned out. Thank you guys so much!

—-Happy W

very easy, convenient, and properly priced. a quality product!


love the doll you gave to me and my dad. it was a blast! Highly recommended service by unibobble.com


Our office is extremely pleased with the dolls we ordered. Our bobble head dolls were needed for an event on January 17th and we already have had them since last week. Your detailed work is just AMAZING!!!

—- George W

very happy with my purchase, I will recommend you to others.

—-Biren Q

Your bobble head dolls are the best out their. I have used others in the past and over a few years of seeing your dolls, the other ones never were up to par. You have the greatest gift one can give and I will return as more of my needs are required to be made. Thank you and keep up the great work


I am very picky and found working with unibobble was a joy. They really made me happy over how well they captured my husband from the photo. I gave this to him for Christmas and it really made him smile. He is bragging to his friends that he has a bobblehead and they do not. Men are easy to please I tell you.


Super service – great looking dolls. thank you.


I was thrilled with my bobble head doll, it was earlier received than expected as well. Nothing but praise for this company

—-Loyyd T

wow very impressive work and the quality is simply stunning. You really captured our father with your bobble head doll. We appreciate all you have done for us. The process is a blast!


I received the bobblehead 2 days ago and I must say not only am I impressed with the finished product but I truly thankful for you getting it here before the party. It was a great surprise.

—-Samual W

I was very impressed with the process, receiving the proofs and then being able to make a few changes in the color of the clothing. I was also very happy with the shipping time. I didn’t think I would get it in time for Christmas but it came FedEx on Christmas eve. My experience was nothing but positive.


Can not find bad words to say about something so good. You provided the doll to me as expected and faster than I intended on receiving it. I also like how you make your clients sign for the items. This ensured I received it – thank you.

—-Marcy S


Very satisfied. This was a gift and top to bottom a very positive experience. Hope to do this again. Thank you all.                                                                                                                                                             —-Joe D

More and more happy customers we can’t say nothing just THANK YOU ALL!!!