How It Is Made

You have probably already seen many of our creations on our site. In the next lines, you will learn how these bobble head dolls are made. It takes endless patience to fully complete the figurines.

In fact, the unibobble bobble head dolls are made in our own factory. We are the main distributors of many brands that you have probably seen online and in shops around the world. Joining our big family is becoming more and more complicated as many countries have already acquired our licensed distributorship., Some seats remain however so feel free to contact us for more information on available markets.

Choose  body desgin or a completely custom body

stock or complete photo

Describle  your Bobblehead & submit photos

description photo

Receive proofs of the yours & make unlimited changes

receivd proof photo

Approve  if happy with your proofs or disapprove with changes

happy with proof

We Pack it and Ship it  FREE WORLDWIDE

shipping photo

Tell you friends and Recommend us

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For Resin Process

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Clay Proof Process

clay process