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45 steps to make A Custom Bobblehead Tutorial (4)

Share a tutorial series of make a bobblehead custom for handmaker fun or artist,enjoy your fun and place your order as your gifts

STEP 25: Now you add the Vermilion (the “cupid’s bow”). This is the small spongy bit in the middle of the top lip. If you want to give her small lips, you need to make this bit very small or don’t add it at all. If you what her to have large lips- you add more. For this doll I have given her fairly large lips. Note that I have only picked out a tiny ball of clay to add. Using the rubber-tipped tool, you can place the ball accurately in the middle of the top lip.

STEP 26: Using the rubber-tipped tool, carefully blend the clay you have just added into the lips. Use the spoon tool to smooth it out. Be careful not to ruin the detail work you have made. Make way for the bottom lip. Create small hollows just under each corner of the mouth. Look at your reference and notice that the bottom lip slightly tucks under the top lip. Creating these hollows allows you to emulate that effect.

STEP 27: Roll a small ball of clay, slightly larger than you want the bottom lip to appear. You need to allow for a slight loss in size when you blend it in. Tuck it carefully under the top lip. Do not push it too hard against the top lip or the clay will distort. You want the mouth to look relaxed. A very slightly opened mouth can give a nice natural effect.

STEP 28: Now you can blend in the bottom lip. Use your spoon shaped tool and carefully work around the edges, being sure not to squish the whole bottom lip. You want it to retain it’s shape; you’re simply reducing the “seam line”. Blend the left and right sides of the bottom of the lip down towards the jaw-line. You don’t want a hard line right around the bottom lip or it will look pasted on, so blending the lip in these areas help to incorporate it into the face. Define the bottom lip harder just above where the chin would be.

STEP 29: Now we need to make the chin line up better with the lips. At the moment it looks like she’s missing a chin, so we’ll build it back up. Knead a small ball of clay until it’s soft and place in the chin area. Keep in mind that the female chin doesn’t protrude as much as a male chin. Be sure that it doesn’t jut out further than the bottom lip.

STEP 30:Because you kneaded the clay first and made it warm before adding it to the face, it should be easy to blend. Blend the polymer clay off with your spoon shaped sculpting tool.

STEP 31:Now you get to make adjustments where needed. This is where you really need to hone in and touch up any anatomy problems. Study the face in head. Turning the face to the side I can see that the back of her head and her skull are not large enough. If you study the shape of the human skull you can see that both areas protrude out a lot more. Here I have simply added more clay to the back of the head. The jawbone should end halfway to the back of the skull.

STEP 32: Now I’ve added some more clay to the forehead. Note that I’ve added more to the top of the head than the front. Women don’t have a very pronounced brow, so you want to make sure you don’t add too much clay to this area. Make sure all this clay is soft and warm by kneading before you add it to the doll. If it’s too hard and cold it will require too much pressure to blend it- and you may distort the face.

STEP 33: Blend everything in and check over the doll’s face. Anything you can see that you don’t like? Looking at the profile of the face I can see that I still don’t like the way her brow is looking. I’m happy with the general shape of the head now though.

STEP 34: I’ve added thin layers of clay over top of the areas I wish to build out. Here I am adding a bit to her brow line and her right cheek. Don’t be scared to go over and change things you don’t like. Try to keep your patience and work at it until you’re happy. You will progress in your skills in leaps and bounds if you do this step. If you keep doing the same mistakes without fixing it up, your skills will stagnate. Try to get it as accurate as your skills will allow. Push the bar.

STEP 35: I’m going in and blending everything I’ve added and defining the bone ridges and details again. She is starting to look how I envisioned her. I’m still not happy with the eyes though. I need to fill the eyes out to give me a smoother plane to paint the eyeballs onto. I keep fiddling away…

STEP 36: I’m happier with her appearance now. She’s smoothed out, her eyes are how I wanted them and her brow looks like what I was trying to achieve. I hit the max of what my abilities would allow that day- I tried my best- and I find her visually pleasing. I think we’re ready to move on.

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