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Custom 3D Crystals

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To Loved

2D photo              FINAL 3D CRYSTAL

To Pet

 3D Crystal Lamp

Using any photographic image, 3D CUSTOM Crystals will convert the 2D image to a 3D image laser etched inside a solid crystal block,the image needs to be a jpeg from any source…cell phone, camera, scanned hard copy,internet, or photo of a hard copy.If you are unable to convert your image, 3D CUSTOM Crystals can do it for you.

There are several shapes of crystal cubes and acrylic blocks you can choose for your 3D photo crystal gift and full color photo acrylic gift. For enhancing 3D laser engraving effect, LED light base is highly recommended. 

       Tower/Block                        Cube /Diamond                               Heart

crystals8*5*5                          Pet crystal                         3D Heart Crystals                                   

         Sunflower                           Prestige                                            Book

sunflower crystal                     Prestige Crystal                          BOOK CRYSTAL                             

                         LED Base                                              LED Base Set 



Get started in 3 simple steps

1.Let us know the number of subjects, such as people or pets, helps us recommend the best crystal shape & size. We took our best guess at how many faces may be in your photo.

2.Choose your crystal shape to begin customizing your crystal and email my image(s) to [email protected]

3.Final ship out  via tracking number.

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