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Custom Oil Painting Portraits

 mom and baby oil painting custom spiderman oil painting

How To Custom Oil Reproductions / Portrait?

Step 1, Send pictures you would like to be painted to our E-mail: [email protected] , tell us size, requirement and etc. You will get a quote within 12 hours.

Step 2, You done the advance 50% payment,we work with your orders. In usually, the painting will be finished around 7-15 days. If you need rush order, please tell us, we will make your order priority.

Step 3, Your order been finished, we will send you photos of finished paintings for approval.

Step 4, You done remaining 50% cost, we will ship your order asap.

We offer personalized custom oil paintings service and oil painting reproductions business. Offer the best quality painting at reasonable price. 

Why Choose Us?

  • 100% Satisfied Guarantee.
  • 100% hand painted Painting.
  • Competitive price guarantee.
  • Any images, any sizes can be painted.
  • Fast Delivery guarantee. Worldwide shipping.
  • Perfect after-sales service system.
  • Refund & replacement guarantee.


    All of our custom oil paintings were hand painted by our outstanding painter. The subject of art include portrait painting, people / figure, landscape, seascape, still life, flowers, animals, nude,birds and etc. As oil portrait, it include the family portrait, pet portrait, landscape portrait, house portrait, royal portrait, history portrait, group portrait and etc.  

    We do all kinds of artworks include oil portrait, masterpieces oil reproductions, original oil paintings, pencil drawing, watercolor painting, Acrylic painting and other home decor etc from your required photos. Most artworks around the world, many art wholesalers and individual customers order the paintings from us or our distributors. Our artists still use the traditional paint techniques to do your each order by hand painted so far. We believe it is only in this way that you can get unique and precious artwork, each stock and each texture are unique for you.if you find the artwork of some artists not listed in our site and you would like to own it, it is easy. Just send us the pictures to our E-mail, we will create it for you.There is no better way to say professionalism than with a high quality oil painting work of art.

Size And Price

Custom Your Own Oil Reproductions From Pictures

Sizes(Inches) Order Oil Reproductions From Photos
Simple Complex Abstract
8×10″ $26 $48 $16
12×16″ $36 $68 $26
16×20″ $48 $88 $38
20×24″ $68 $128 $48
24×24″ $88 $168 $58
24×36″ $108 $198 $78
30×30″ $118 $208 $88
30×40″ $138 $258 $98
36×36″ $148 $288 $108
36×48″ $168 $328 $118
48×48″ $188 $368 $128
36×72″ $208 $408 $148
48×72″ $258 $508 $188
72×96” $428 $898 $288

Custom Your Own Personalized Oil Portrait from Photos

We offer the following international standard size, If you need a different size. Please contact with us by E-mail:  [email protected]
It is the same price for History oil portrait, creative portrait, royal portrait, family portrait, children portrait, wedding portrait, couple portrait, pet portrait, house portrait and etc.
1 figure means 1 people, or 1 dog , or 1 cat.  For example,1 people and 1 dog means 2 figures, 1 dog and 1 cat means 2 figures.

size≤ 24″x24″ $30 for addtional one

size≤36″x36″ $50 for additional one

size≤48″x48″  $60 for additional one

size =72″x96″ $100 for additional one