How does bobble head doll made?

    Brush Your Ideas

    We sculpt the bobble head based the photos. If you want to fully customized, please send the design of body and the heads to us. If you are not satisfied with all designs, please let us know us about your idea and we create it for you..A product of dynamic design and sketch design, not only needs to accord with contemporary aesthetic. but need to meet the requirement of consumer expectations.The modelling of a good character is showed after creation.

    design bobble head

    Creating Your Face

    All of our artists have 10 years experiences skill on sculpting. They sculpt your face in 2.5 inches clay based the photos with exquisite technique, seize the customer characteristic features to present a MINI you ,Then we will take photos of comparison of original and sculpture,email to your approval.

    sculpting face

    Creating Your Body

    If you use our pre-made body,ignore this step.
    If you customized fully bobblehead, let’s move on this step and it’s better for mass production as well.

    We will use black clay or oil clay for the creating which this clay have better plasticity for sculpting and our skilled sculptors can catch better detail that showed real character structure and the effect of clothing.

    sculpting clay body

    Making mould

    After body and head design get your approval,the sculpture of head or body will move to molding. first,we need smoothing sculpture surface, secondly, we pour a stirring liquid silicon on the sculpture until silicon dried, thirdly, fixed the silicon mould with plaster outside, at last, the silicone mould is completed after plaster solidified..

    making mold

    Grouting rough white body

    Unfold the plaster mold,injected liquid resin into the silicon mold, workers will swing the mold to let the resin cover the whole mold evenly quickly,and put the mould into the vacuum machine to pumping resin’s bubble out,avoid any small holes in the product. the rough white body is completed after the resin dried.


    Polishing rough white body

    Take rough white body out, use electric drill gun to trim its corners , edges and additional resin. then polish it with polishing machine,the product has been completed 90% in this process.

    polishing bobble head

    White body assembly and repair

    After polishing products,we need workers make further repairing for some small holes and assembling some parts very careful and patience.To ensure the integrity and overall coordination of bobble head, the white body will sent to painting department after our QC ‘s checking them good .

    repairing bobble


    Painting is important to make a customized bobble head as it depends on its likeness or not. All of our skilled painters drawing  with environmental and non-toxic paint on the white body according to your’s requirement ,then we send you the color proofs for your approval.

    final bobbleheads

    Quality Inspection

    After all the steps completed, our professional QC ensure each bobble head quality before shipping ,make you satisfied with bobble heads.



    When all is ready and we packing your bobble head doll in white box  with buffer Styrofoam,then Fedex /DHL/EMS to make custom gifts dropshipping worldwide.

    package and shipping

    Factory and happy customers

    We supplied 95% custom bobbleheads wholesales and distributors in the world,if you want to make a customized bobble head or need bobbleheads promotion for sale ,don’t hesitate to contact us.

    bobblehead factory

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