Nicer Female Dress Custom Bobbleheads


Nicer Female Dress Custom Bobbleheads


This unique female bobblehead  in kinds of dresses is the perfect way to bring some humor and entertainment to the powerful or serious executive.

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8 Custom Bobblehead Tips

Custom bobbleheads are a special kind of gift because they usually represent people, companies, animals, or events. Many custom bobblehead vendors operate as eCommerce companies with no physical store location so shopping for these products can be a challenge, especially for first-time customers. Unscrupulous, irresponsible, and downright shady bobblehead dealers don’t make the process any easier. Consumers have to look out for hidden costs, inferior materials, and discrepancies during the proofing process.

If you’re new to the custom bobblehead process, here are eight essential areas you’ll want to pay attention to…

1) Body Type: There are a lot of body options to choose.

2) Head Bobble: It’s generally a small fee but the lesson here is not to assume anything when it comes to your “bobble” head.

3) Props/Accessories: This is a particularly tricky area. It refers to things like hats, glasses, tattoos, handheld objects, and much more. Hat and shirt logos and lettering are also included here.Custom Bobblehead Process Accessories included in this model,they are free in unibobble.

4) Base: The base is where a bobblehead stands. Typically, they are included in the initial pricing.

Custom Bobblehead Custom Base,an example of a pretty elaborate custom base, lettering included.

5) Material: Quality custom bobbleheads are made from a durable polyresin material and non-toxic,vivid color polymer clay.

6) Proofing: During this part of the process, customers can actually approve, deny, and request changes to their custom bobblehead(s).

7) Extra Copies: If you’re only ordering one bobblehead then you won’t have to worry about the cost of additional copies.

8) Shipping: The cost of shipping your bobblehead(s) will inevitably vary from site to site.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 17 cm
Eyes Color

E01 Hazel, E02 Light Brown, E03 Dark Brown, E04 Black, E05 Gray, E06 Green, E07 Light Blue, E08 Blue

Hair Color

H1 Black, H10 Medium Blond, H11 Blond, H12 Light Blond, H13 Reddish Brown, H14 Red, H2 Dark Grey, H3 Grey, H4 White, H5 Black Brown, H6 Dark Brown, H7 Medium Brown, H8 Light Brown, H9 Dark Blond

Skin Color

S1 Chinese, S10 Medium Black, S2 White, S3 Red, S4 Chinese 2, S5 Pink, S6 Tan, S7 Light Tan, S8 Black, S9 Light Black