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45 steps to make A Custom Bobblehead Tutorial (5)

Share a tutorial series of personal bobbleheads figures for handmaker fun or artist,enjoy your fun and place your order as your gifts

sculpt 37 STEP 37: Double check your dolls head from every angle to ensure she looks right. Too often people get their dolls to look perfect from one angle, just to find another angle looks completely wrong. Check the jawline placement, as now we’ll be sculpting the ears.

STEP 38: Roll out a small pancake of clay, making sure it’s nice and soft so it’s easier to blend in the next step. Note that the ‘panacke’ is slightly tear-drop in shape. The larger side will be the top of the ear, whilst the smaller side will form the earlobe.

STEP 39: Carefully blend the ear into the side of the face. When trying to place the ears, think of these basic rules: 1. The part where the top of the ear connects to the head should be at the same level as the eyes. 2. The earlobe should finish just above the jawline. 3. The ear is placed halfway back on the head, at the same distance as the jawline.

STEP 40: When you feel that you have the ear placement correct, blend the back of the ear into the head. Make sure the ears don’t stick straight out of the head, nor should they be flat to the head. There should be a subtle angle outwards from the head. Make sure you leave a fair amount of bulk behind the ear. This will help strengthen the ear against snapping off after baking, and will allow room to sculpt the inner ear of the doll

STEP 41: This is where you can go as realistic or as fantasy as you like. With this example I’m going to go somewhere between the two of them.Using a photo reference, map out the basic shape and lines of the ear.

STEP 42: Start to carve into the clay with the rubber-tipped tool.

STEP 43: Keep following the lines you made on the ear and smooth it in.

STEP 44: Finally , work around the ear defining all the shapes until you are happy with the sculptures appearance. If you’re aiming for realism, remember to check over everything with your photo reference.

STEP 45: When you have sculpted both ears and are happy with your doll, smooth the polymer clay with some Prosculpt Smoothing Oil, Baby Oil or Petroleum Jelly. Remember, only ever use the TINIEST amount if you are using anything to smooth the clay. Too much oil added to the polymer clay can be detrimental to the quality of the bake and how well the paint adheres to the clay.

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